About TC Dread

TC Dreads is a hair salon that specializes in dreadlocks making, treatment and styling in Moletstane, Soweto. The salon is more that a salon but more of a treat and a place where one can connect with their hair stylists with confidence.
TC Dread Founder and Owner, Clive Mohapi says the company has been operating since 2007 with fewer clients but now the salon has grown and the clients come in numbers.

"Making dreadlocks is our passion and clients should know that hair must often be used as a symbol of identity. Dreadlocks are more than just style; it is an attitude, a way of life, inspiring passion and disapproval in equal measure. TC Dread has always seen dreadlocks as a positive hairstyle and also a brave one because they come with a burdan of of responsibilies. Dreads might be no more than a fashion statement to others, but some would not see them that way. Dispite all the baggage, we have always suffered from a bad case of dreadlock envys. Those with dreadlocks talk about them emotionally and passionately , even I would like that passion because I feel as if I am missing out on something," (words of Clive Mohapi).

Dreadlock making hair salons must teach clients on how to treat and take care of their since it is important.
"New clients get surprised when they come to our salon and learn the importance of dreadlocks and the languages we often use when talking about them. I would like to urge other salons that are making dreads to teach their clients and make them understand the importance of dreads" (words of Clive Mohapi)

TC Dreads business partner Refiloe Mothlako says in future, we as TC Dreads would like to produce our own hair products that will help strenghten our clients' hair.
"We care for our clients and always want the best for them. After every five-treatments clients make in the salon, we give them one treatment for free because we working on points system." (words of Refilwe Mothlako).

" I (Refilwe Mothlako) believe dreadlocks are not expensive; it depends on the owner of as in how they treat them. This style of dread is natural, it does not need too much hair products but all one has to do is to understand and know the products they use for their hair because some scalps are sensitive. "Another thing, we hired one employee before, but now we've hired four employees who were not professionally qualified. "We hired people we took off the streets doing wrong things and we taughts them how to make dreads and the proceedures that follow afterwards, and now! They are dreadlock specialists" (words of Clive Mohapi).
We as TC Dreads would like in future, to hire more people and create more jobs because we believe that our business will grow and people come ad be part of our salon since we are the best in this industry.

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Founder & Owner

We Set The Trend They Follow Us, 17 Years In The Dreadlock Industry



Slaying Natural Locks



I Have A Passion For Natural Hair(dreadlocks), Its Art.



I Put Clients First, That's The Most Important Rule.

Words From Our Customers

"TC Dreads provided me with high quality service and they value their customers, im very happy with the service and customer care "

Mrs Tshepiso Khunu

"Their hair studio is top of its class and very clean too. Its a wonderfull place to get your hair done. "

Tshepo Brandon Richardson

" I've been coming to TC Dreads for a year and a half and there is no other place i'd rather do my hair than TC Dread, long live. "

Thabo "Sputra" Khubeka